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3CE Hazy Lip Clay

$33.50 $25.50

3CE Hazy Lip Clay Matte Lipstick is a matte cream lipstick of the 3CE brand with a smooth texture, beautiful color adhesion, standard color, does not fade and is easy to spread evenly on the lips. The lipstick color palette is diverse from a variety of tones so you can easily choose the tones that suit your makeup.

Total Price: $25.50


▪️ Featuring a harmonious design of straight lines and curves. The lipstick hue on the top of the body is easily distinguishable, as is the big, glossy black 3CE brand logo.

▪️ Soft and silky lipstick brush makes it easier to apply lipstick to the lips and helps it spread evenly and smoothly.

▪️ The lipstick's texture is smooth and matte; when applied to the lips, it feels soft like velvet and evenly distributes the lipstick color.

▪️ The lipstick color pallet is broad, combining various hues at once, improving both appeal and distinctiveness.