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DR.SUNMI CARE HA Plus 100 DT 100ml

$60.00 $52.50

This is a line of nourishing essences containing thousands of concentrated Hyaluronic Acid molecules, which help keep skin hydrated, plump, and elastic. In addition to moisturizing, serum also soothes the skin, restores damaged cells and protects the skin from external influences.

Total Price: $52.50

Skin type: Dry skin, Sensitive skin

Size: 100ml


▪️ Provides maximum moisture, making skin soft, smooth and fresh.

▪️ Deeply hydrates and retains moisture for 24 hours, maintaining fresh, radiant beauty.

▪️ Improves dehydrated, dry, and lifeless skin.

▪️ Tighten pores.

▪️ Nourishes skin, reduces wrinkles, folds, and crow's feet

▪️ Soothes skin, especially skin often exposed to sunlight.

▪️ Strengthens the protective barrier of collagen and elastin, nourishing the skin from deep within.


▪️ Use facial cleanser to clean your skin and apply pH-balancing toner.

▪️ Take a few drops of HA serum on your hands and massage all over your face and neck, the essence quickly absorbs.

▪️ After that, you can make up or continue with your skin care steps.

▪️ Do it twice a day to get good results even day and night.


Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine, Vitamin B5 10%, Vitamin B9 5%