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DELLABORN Seaweed Boosting Ampoule Mist 95ml

$35.00 $25.00

Della Born's Seaweed Boosting Ampoule Mist uses jeju to improve the condition of the skin. Algae components in Jeju aid detoxification. At the same time, the tiny mist shields the skin from any potential environmental injury. The spray's high-quality mix provides a superb hydration boost to all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Total Price: $25.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 95ml


▪️ Contains 83% premium fermented kelp + Jeju 3 Complex instead of purified water
▪️ Use fermentation extraction method to increase skin absorption rate
▪️ Mineral spray helps absorb the second skin care steps
▪️ Use shiitake extracts, agar agar, and other stones with various active ingredients
▪️ Completed hypoallergenic testing
▪️ Dual-function mist spray to whiten and fade wrinkles
▪️ Use mist spray to speed up effective absorption by the skin


▪️ Spray evenly around the skin surface about 20cm away from the face.

▪️ After washing, form a moisturizing film to quickly hydrate the skin.

▪️ Before applying makeup, soften and moisturize the skin for a more shiny and smooth foundation.

▪️ After makeup, maintain freshness for a radiant foundation.

▪️ When makeup is dry and rough, help it become moist, smooth, and fresh again.

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