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Who we are?

We’re Kim Glowy!

We are an online skincare and beauty house specialised in Korean brands.
Each product sold at Kim Glowy is well selected, top rated and high quality to save you time and cost. So no matter who you are, what skin concern you might have or what beauty style you follow, Kim Glowy has something Korean to offer. We love seeing you enjoy your skincare routine more than you ever do before.

Why Korean beauty?

Effective and affordable formulas.
Gentle to skin with natural ingredients.

The way skin looks and feels is of the utmost importance. This is the approach and motto of K-beauty. Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. Korean brands are world-leading cutting edge in the beauty market.

Our story

Have you ever wondered how 10 minutes everyday can change the way you look and feel?
Have you ever imagined how these 10 minutes can create the space for your self-love and self-care?
Have you ever noticed how this now becomes your daily ritual and set you up for a fabulous day ahead?

Come with us, join our journey and see how a 10-minute skincare routine can nourish you – more me-time, more self-love, more glowing confidence.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, our women have little “me-time” for self-love and skin-love. We have been pulled in many different directions and responsibilities. Modern women have a lot of pressure on their shoulder, juggling family, career and their own wellbeing. We feel overwhelmed and sometimes struggle with the choices we need to make everyday, including what skin care regime to have and how to show more love to our skin.

We at Kim Glowy have all been there, with an excuse for the lack of time, knowledge and dedication to look after our skin and ourselves. We ended up having a dull complexion and a lack of confidence to grow and glow. The day we found out about Korean skincare and beauty changed us forever – how we look and feel, how we see this world and how we want to inspire other women.

We pride ourselves to be your go-to expert who will provide you with the honest, customised and personalised skin analysis and product recommendations. We listen, understand and really care for your needs and your individual circumstance. Our mission is to help nurture your skin, your body and your soul.

Self-love is the foundation for all love. We believe that your radiant and glowing confidence would flourish if you show the love for yourself. It’s just as simple as a 10-minute skin-love everyday!

We are here for you and love to have you on our journey - more me-time, more self-love, more glowing confidence.

See you soon!

With love,
Everyone from Kim Glowy