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VITAL BEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence Vials 25ml x 32

$145.00 $125.00

Low molecular weight collagen ampoules for revitalized and moisturized skin overnight. Get plumper skin from within highly absorbable low molecular weight collagen.

Total Price: $125.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 25ml x 32


▪️ Formulated with patented AP Collagen Peptides, highly absorbable low molecular weight collagen to improve skin moisture and collagen density.

▪️ Contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid & ceramide for long-lasting moisturization.

▪️ Keep your skin more revitalized by simply taking it every evening when recharging and renewing your skin.

▪️ Easy-to-drink daily beauty ampoule with sweet mango/grapefruit flavour


Take a vial at a time Once daily.

▪️ Recommended to take it at night.

▪️ Check the dosage and directions for intake before use.

▪️ Do not eat the product if its expiration date is expired.