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NOSCARNA Scar Gel Treat Keloid, Surgery & Acne Scars 20g


NOSCARNA Scar Gel Treat Keloid, Surgery & Acne Scars 20g always in the "top" of the most trusted products in Korea with a clear ingredient list with high percentages of Heparin Sodium and Allantoin to speed up the speed of recovery and skin regeneration, thereby helping to fade scars and dark scars. , burn scars to keloid scars, concave scars.

Total Price: $38.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 20g


▪️ Contains Haparin 500 IU, Allantoin 50mg, Dexpanthenol 100mg.

▪️ Noscarna Gel is a scar treatment that has effect on acne scar, surgery scar and keloidalis scar that have been formed after wound is healed.

▪️ With herbal scent and gel-type texture that is softly absorbed to your skin, you can use it freely.


▪️ After cleansing, apply basic skincare (toner, lotion).

▪️ Apply Noscarna gel to the scar or acne spot or red spot on your skin.

▪️ Smoothly apply 1-2 times a day to your face or skin.
Heparin sodium 500I.U./g, Allantoin 50mg/g, Dex Panthenol 100 mg/g