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OHUI Age Recovery 3pcs Special Set

$245.00 $205.00

Improve skin wrinkles with skin-friendly ingredients with baby collagen and create an exceptionally soft and moist product texture right after application. The skin's temperature will help the product flow gently on the skin, Provides essential nutrients to create optimal conditions for the skin and prevent aging. Baby Collagen: contained in all Age Recovery products - is an exclusive research owned by OHUI cosmetics company. The secret is to build baby collagen, one of 27 types of collagen abundant in children, which tends to decrease with age, eventually accounting for only 20% of collagen in adults.

Total Price: $205.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 


▪️ OHUI Age Recovery Skin Softener 150ml + 20ml

▪️ OHUI Age Recovery Emulsion 140ml + 20ml

▪️ OHUI Age Recovery Cream 25ml + 20ml

▪️ OHUI Age Recovery Essence 8ml

▪️ OHUI Age Recovery Eye Cream 5ml


▪️ Replenishes lost Baby Collagen, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and restores skin elasticity.

▪️ Provides moisture to the skin, making it healthy, soft, smooth and youthful.

▪️ Provides many times more collagen to the skin than the old baby collagen product, better protecting the natural collagen in the skin, helping the skin increase elasticity, firmness and optimal wrinkle removal effect, giving you skin smooth, youthful. Prevents wrinkle formation.


First, clean your face with facial cleanser >> Skin Softener  >> Essence (Esenen) > Emulsion >> Eye cream > Face cream (Cream)