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Dry skin leads to a series of complex symptoms such as roughness, peeling, freckles, melasma... and is the main cause of premature aging. Moisturizing is a way to care for healthy skin and can improve most skin problems. OHUI Miracle Moisture skin care set for dry skin, hydrates, brightens and smooths skin. OHUI Miracle Set With the exclusive ingredient Chiffon Ceramide™ has the ability to tightly bind keratin cells and proteins inside the skin to help regulate and retain moisture and not cause them to evaporate.

Total Price: $220.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 


– Ohui Miracle Moisture Cleansing Foam (1 tuýp 40ml)

– Ohui Miracle Moisture Pink Barrier Skin Softener (150ml + 20ml)

– Ohui Miracle Moisture Pink Barrier Emulsion (130ml + 20ml)

– Ohui Miracle Moisture Pink Barrier Essence (20ml)

– Ohui Miracle Moisture Pink Barrier Ampoule 777 (2 tube x 7ml)

– Ohui Miracle Moisture Ceramide Boosting Cream (30ml)


▪️ Extracted from peony flowers with a gentle fragrance. Helps replenish moisture to bring youthful vitality to the skin.
▪️ Gently and quickly absorbed as soon as applied to the skin. Does not cause uncomfortable stickiness.
▪️ With concentrated moisturizing ingredients and rich moisture supply, it helps maintain long-lasting smooth moisture on the skin with a soft, smooth and dry feeling.
▪️ Increase elasticity. Regenerates new, smooth, firm skin. Tightens pores and gives a beautiful, radiant, youthful glow.
▪️ In particular, OHUI Miracle Moisture has been exclusively certified to possess the most superior and skin-friendly moisturizing formula.


After washing your face, apply the product to your face and pat gently. Use daily in the morning and evening.