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Louvcell Oriental Spa Body Scrub Wash

$41.00 $39.00

Body Luvcell Oriental Spabody Scrub, which utilizes 100% natural ingredients such as open-heart powder and Dream Seeds, removes dead skin cells lightly and effectively with pore extracts, making your skin smooth and white. In particular, it functions as a bath material in 2 inches 1 and is very convenient, and it saves users time to take care of their bodies. When massaging with fine ultra-fine scrub grains, it provides maximum comfort while minimizing skin damage. The scent of flowers is subtle. Body lube cell oriental spa body scrubs remove dead skin cells and aging dead skin cells and return to soft white body.

Size: 230ml

- A premium body scrub wash that helps soothe skin, moisture supply and cares for a healthy body.
- Natural-derived scrub ingredient removes flakes and skin wastes,
- Adds a massage effect to tired skin, and gently relaxes the body and mind.

- On wet body, apply proper amount onto body avoiding face. Massage in cirular motion and rinse off wih lukewarm water thoroughly.