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RMON White Label Dia Whitening Stem Cell Body Cream 200ml

$41.00 $39.00

Rmon White Label Dia Whitening Stem Cell Body Cream contains over 330,000 stem cells that helps revive your skin. The powerful formula brings astonishing result after 1 week.

Total Price: $39.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 200ml

▪️ Supports the ability to whiten the whole body, regenerate new white and pink cells and remove the melanin that causes darkening and uneven skin tone.
▪️ Ingredients extracted from nature should not cause skin wear, thin skin, and not catch the sun.
▪️ Supports strengthening the body's anti-aging ability, suitable for all skin types.
▪️ Helps restore rough skin, damaged skin.
▪️ Increase resistance for healthy skin.

▪️ Wash the body and combine exfoliating.
▪️ Use a soft cloth to dry thoroughly.
▪️ Take an appropriate amount of cream, apply evenly on the whole body, gently massage for the nutrients to be absorbed more deeply.