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HANAMI Collagen Ampoule 28pc x 25ml

$95.00 $89.50

Collagen supplement products for the body combined with strengthening the health of muscles, bones, joints, hair and nails,... Maintaining the body's flexibility, skin freshness, balancing female hormones.

SIZE: 28pc x 25ml


▪️ Increasing the use of collagen supplements Hanami Collagen Ampoule will help reduce the formation of wrinkles, fade freckles, age spots, dark spots, and effectively prevent skin aging.

▪️ Provides necessary nutrients to help restore skin, nourishing bright, smooth skin

▪️ Eliminates toxins and toxic pigments on the skin, limiting dry, rough skin...

▪️ Enhances skin's moisture balance, promotes collagen exchange in the skin, helping the skin stay healthy and firm from the inside out.

▪️ Promotes regeneration and blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and fatigue, bringing a feeling of refreshment and vitality to your body.

▪️ In addition to beautifying the skin, the collagen supplement drink Hanami Collagen Ampoule 28 also has the ability to keep hair shiny, strong nails, and supplement necessary vitamins for bright eyes...


▪️ For skin with melasma and signs of premature aging: You should take 1 tube a day, drink continuously for 3 months then stop using for 6 months to allow time to rest and recover.

▪️ For normal skin: Take 1 tube of collagen every day, continuously for 1 month, then stop taking for 3 months to allow the skin to adapt and regenerate.

▪️ 1 hour before going to bed at night is the ideal time to drink Hanami Collagen Ampoule.

▪️ Hanami Collagen Ampoule collagen drink should be used in combination with external skin care creams to achieve maximum beauty results.

▪️ While drinking the collagen drink Hanami Collagen Ampoule, you should increase the supply of vitamins, vegetables, fruits...