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365 NANO Tech Curcumin Liquid Supplement

$95.00 $87.00

Extremely good antioxidant effect, high anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.


Total Price: $87.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 3g x 32 tubes

▪️ High antioxidant capacity, helps prevent the activities of agents that cause stomach and duodenal pain.
▪️ Helps to accelerate the process of healing of wounds and scars on the body.
▪️ Contains thrombomodulin so it helps support the treatment of bacterial or viral infections, establishing an effective immune system.
▪️ Reduces phenomena such as belching, heartburn, or epigastric pain.
▪️ Helps Detox the body, effectively supporting weight loss and body detox.
▪️ Contains natural vitamin A and B5 supplement to help bright eyes
▪️ Supports the treatment of dark skin and melasma, helping skin become white and pink.
▪️ Supports the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hepatobiliary, dementia in elderly Alzheimer's, and diabetes.
▪️ Helps the body fight off cancer-causing cells, reducing their effects and toxicity caused by chemotherapy and radiation.
▪️ Can also be used to marinate with dishes to have beautiful colors and good for health.

▪️ You can mix 1 tube of Korean Nano Essence 365 Curcumin with filtered water or dissolve with fruit juice, milk, tea about 200-300ml.
▪️ You should drink Korean Nano Tech Curcumin 365 after breakfast.
▪️ Each day you can drink 2 tubes to get the best effect.