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Now Glow Is The New Beauty!

By: :Anh Nguyen 0 comments
Now Glow Is The New Beauty!

The real glow is a not beauty trend. It’s the sustainable inner beauty we are talking about!

What does "glow" even mean?

The “glow” term came from the world of Korean beauty, where a smooth and glassy skin is fancied from movie scenes to real life. But not everyone knows that, more than just “glassy”, when talking about skin, glow is the ultimate signifier of inner health. 

With the dermatology experts, “glowing skin is skin that is moist and soft—not dull, dry or flaky”. So, your skin will glow depending on the quality of the skin. And such qualities can be:

  • Evenness of the skin color

  • Pores – the pores on skin also contributes to the texture. Smaller the pores, better the texture

  • Texture of the skin – smoothness or roughness of skin. Good texture is more dependent on the hydration or moisture of the skin

  • Clear skin without acne, blemishes, dark spots,…

It’s true to say that Glow has been the latest obsession in beauty industry. The word “glow” has appeared in the descriptions of more and more beauty products, from body oil to highlighter and blusher. 

But remember, the real glow is not about adding layers of makeup to your skin, it’s more of nurturing your skincare from inside to outside. A little bit of highlighter surely can give you a dewy look in a second, but it’s also gone in two seconds with makeup remover. People are forgetting that glass skin represents your skin’s health and even your inner peace, without any makeup. That’s the true beauty we’re pursuing!

Let’s glow with Kim Glowy!

Do you know, K-beauty products stand apart for their high quality, natural ingredients, rigorous safety standards, creativity and such a world-leading cutting edge. “K-Beauty is the secret to looking as luminous as is humanly possible” - and so are we. Inspired by the famous Korean beauty industry, we’d like nothing more than to offer you the most Korean innovations through every beauty category. 

We are trying our best to enhance natural beauty and inspire ladies to nourish their skin from inside. We offer top Korean beauty products that give your skin a lit-from-within fresh, embracing how you feel as much as how you look.

More me-time, more self-love, more glowing confidence.



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