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VOLAYON Lateenix Powder 500g


Volayon lateenix powder is whitening line and is a powder mask used at the end of a whitening program in a professional aesthetic salon.

Size: 500g



- Based on glucose, it quickly soothes irritated skin with its unique cooling adhesion, elasticity, and stability.

- It is convenient to apply and remove, and can hold its unique moisture for a long time.

- It is a yellow powder mask that has been developed mainly with ingredients that help purify and whiten the skin.

- Extracts from vitamin tree fruits and lemon balm leaves give glow and vitality to the stimulated skin.

- They are also involved in pore health to help manage elastic skin.


How to use: 

- Remove makeup and clean face, then use toner to balance skin

- Mix the mixture well in a ratio of 1:1, then apply a thick layer on the skin

- Relax for 20 minutes and peel off the mask, wipe with toner (then use moisturising cream.