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Mesotherapy technology is to bring essential nutrients to the skin, to overcome skin problems. Improve dark spots, fade dark spots and smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce oil on the skin effectively, tighten pores

It contains alpha-bisaborol, a whitening functional raw material, to make your skin glow, whitening, and soothing. It also contains 13.5% of vitamin C stabilized by the liposome method, providing clean skin without blemishes.

Instant wrinkle removal

Prevent skin aging

Brightens and evens skin tone

Stimulates collagen proliferation to help firm skin

Restores damaged skin from within

Neutralize originals

Improves skin softness

How to use
Use toner after cleansing your face for a week or two. Take the recommended amount and apply it evenly across your face. To get deep into the skin, tap it as if you were massaging it. It is advised to use the vitamin toning plus ampoule as soon as you wash your face following the adaptation period.