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OHUI The First Genture - The 2023 Fantastical Collection - 2pcs Special Set


SKIN TYPE: All skin types, Oily skins


  • THE FIRST GENITURE Skin Softener - 150ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Emulsion - 145ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Skin Softener (sample) - 20ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Emulsuion (sample) - 20ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Cell Essential Source (sample) - 22ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Ampoule Advanced (sample) - 5ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Sym-micro Essence (sample) - 5ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Cream Intensice (sample) - 7ml
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Foam Cleanser (sample) - 80ml


– The First Geniture Skin Softener (150ml + 20ml): Helps balance and regenerate skin as smooth as a baby's skin rich in nutrients, softens skin, adjusts skin folds and stabilizes the vitality of tired skin , shrink pores, reduce acne and blackheads.

– The First Geniture Emulsion (145ml + 20ml): Rich in nutrients to help make skin soft and moisturized, and with its outstanding spreading effect, it will easily spread onto the skin, helping the skin have uniformity. unified and balanced.

– The First Geniture Ampoule Advancer (5ml): 24K gold helps stimulate cell activity and nutrient absorption. Prevents collagen degradation in the skin, inhibiting the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, it helps the skin become firmer and more elastic.

– The First Geniture Cell Essential Source (40ml): Nourishes recombinant germ cells, helps solve the skin's secrets, prevents aging and brings about SUPER SMOOTH, SUPER TIGHT, BRIGHT, PURE skin. Khiet is full of vitality.

– The First Geniture Cream (30ml): Helps aging skin become firmer, brighter and healthier. At the same time, it creates a protective layer of nutrients from previous care steps and protects the skin from environmental impacts. At the same time, it nourishes germ cells and heals scars on the skin, completing the process of truly revitalizing the skin. Cream minimizes wrinkles to help firm and lift skin structure.

– The First Geniture SYM-MICRO Essence (5ml): Increases skin elasticity and firmness, is a product that optimally improves the signs of aging of aged skin. The abundant energy from the strong growth of peony spreads gently onto the skin

– The First Geniture Foam Cleanser (80ml): Cleans dirt, makeup and sunscreen. Removes old horny layer accumulated under the skin, softens skin immediately after use. Increases anti-inflammatory ability, prevents acne. Strengthens the skin's protective barrier, replenishes moisture, regenerates, and prevents skin aging.


After removing makeup ➔ Facial cleanser ➔ Skin Softener ➔ Cell Source ➔ Gold essence (ampoul) or Essence (ampoule Oil) ➔ Emulsion ➔ Face cream (cream).