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SU:M37 LosecSumma Elixir Essence Secréta Special Set

$180.00 $165.00

SU:M37 Elixir Essence Secreta Special Set skin regenerating water belongs to the high-end Losec Summa line. This is a more special type of essence than Serum as well as Day and Night Ampoule. This magical water is very concentrated, excellent in treating and regenerating the skin. Specializes in restoring damaged skin after treatments such as microneedling... Skin regeneration magic water Su:m37 Losec Summa Elixir Essence Secreta contains very high nutritional content. It contains long-term fermented ingredients from 10 plants that help maintain healthy and radiant skin.

Total Price: $165.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 


- LosecSumma Elixir Essence Secréta 111ml

- LosecSumma Elixir Essence Secréta 60ml

- LosecSumma Elixir Cream (sample) 10ml

- LosecSumma Elixir Eye Cream (sample) 10ml

- LosecSumma Elixir Foam Cleanser (sample) 40ml


▪️ Helps fight inflammation and heal scars.
▪️ Purifies and detoxifies the skin.
▪️ Cleans out pustules, acne and blackheads.
▪️ Helps skin become white, bright, rosy and smooth.
▪️ Wrinkle treatment and anti-aging skin.
▪️ Replenishes energy and skin cells.
▪️ Tighten pores and smooth skin.
▪️ The Lactic Acid contained in the ingredients and fermentation process helps exfoliate the skin, keeping it fresh and promoting new cell growth.
▪️ As a natural fermented product, it helps stimulate the healing of skin damage in a great and quick way.
▪️ Reduce swelling and redness of damaged skin.


Use day and night, after balancing skin with toner/rose water, take an appropriate amount and apply on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin then pat gently with fingertips and palms, patting gently. Helps the cream absorb better.