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TTMARY Spa Gelpatch 42˚C Corset - Warm your abdomen - Warm your heart


Korean Spa Gelpatch 42˚C Corset TTMARY (5pcs)

Warm you abdomen - Fat burn - Slimmy Gelpatch

[Effective Ingredients]

It induces thermogenesis and fat burning and helps fat oxidation in that process.
It prevents pre-adipocytes called 『3T3 L1』from speciating into fat tissues, to inhibit fat cell growth.

It's a typical material that helps fat oxidation and cellulite reduction.

Soil Mineral
It's a patented substance, made of natural organic materials, and emits a lot of far infrared radiation.
It's used for food containers, cosmetics, etc.

Cordycepin (Cordyceps Sinensis Extract)
It's a basic component of cordyceps. It's bioactive, has anti-obesity effect and maintains the balance of the immune system.

[Directions for Use]

Skin temperature will not be the highest in 2-4 hours after wearing and it will last for 8 hours. If you feel it is TOO hot or heat is not bearable for you, stop using it.

1. Attach heart shape hole on the belly button, then spread it to the side of the stomach.
2. Remove the film from the center.
3. Make sure to press all parts of the patch for 30secs for outstanding adhesiveness to the skin.
4. Recommend using 8 hours every other day.


Generally, after 2 ~ 4 hours of attaching, you will feel the highest skin temperature and warmth lasts for 8 hours. However, if you feel it is too hot while usage, please stop using it immediately.
While using, if there is swelling, pain, or red dots on the skin, stop using immediately.
People with allergies or skin infections or eczema should not use it.
Store out of children's hands and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature of 30 degrees or above.