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Soft Matte Lipstick 3.5g #over it


Soft Matte Lipstick 3.5g #over it Has a soft texture that keeps lips comfortable and velvety. Formulated with silicone elastomer powders that make it easy to glide over the lips. Allows for seamless application and long-lasting wear without cracking or feathering

Total Price: $30.00

Size: 3.5g


- Striking vintage orange
- Tender and light texture of 3CE Soft Matte Lipstick. Helps you to act out high pigmentation comfortably.
- SOFT TOUCHING Applied silicone elastomer powder helps your make up look more softly pigmented with light finish and you feel comfortable like nothing on your lips.
- HIGH PIGMENT It is possible to act out perfect lip makeup with a single swipe because of its high and delicate color pigmentation and density.
- LONG LASTING It is applied on your lips thinly with Semi-Solid complex and delicate particles. It Stays on your lips all day without flakes and wrinkles.


- Dispense a small amount and gently apply.