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SANGA Kids Red Ginseng Babytime 10ml x 30ea

$69.00 $59.00

Korean 6 years old red ginseng 54% +7 kinds of berry extract easy for children to take. Grape and berry extract for taste, vitamin and calcium ideal for children growth. Fruit extract with less bitter taste, red ginseng for first time children. No additives (sugar, preservatives, coloring)

Total Price: $59.00

SIZE: 10ml x 30ea


▪️ Increasing absorption of nutrients, stimulating the digestive system to help children eat well ...
▪️ BabySong ginseng baby helps children develop fully in both height and weight as well as intelligence ...
▪️ BabySong ginseng baby detoxify the liver, protect the liver.
▪️ Improve anorexia, rickets, growth retardation.


▪️ Red ginseng baby is liquid so it can be taken directly 1-2 times / 1 pack / day or divided into several days. Drink in the morning, 1 hour after eating. There are specific indications for each age on the box.
1 baby 1 year and older: 1 pack / week
2-year-old babies: 2-3 packs / week
3-year-old babies: 5 packs / week
Children aged 4 years and older drink 1 pack daily