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SAMBOK FOOD Honey Sliced Korean Red Ginseng 20g x 10ea

$65.00 $59.00

Samsung Sliced ​​Korean Red Ginseng is made from 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng that has the effect of enhancing vitality, anti-aging, diabetes, cholesterol reduction, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, anti-sclerosis arteries, anti-stress... most effective. It also strengthens the body's resistance.

Total Price: $59.00

SIZE: 20g x 10ea


▪️ Improve resistance: The product has the ability to enhance resistance, help to comprehensively nourish and restore the body to get up quickly.

▪️ For people with cancer: Red ginseng slices soaked in honey are effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells in people with cancer.

▪️ For people with blood pressure and atherosclerosis: Regulate blood pressure from high to low and vice versa. In addition, Korean red ginseng also contains saponin components that have the effect of lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, so it also prevents atherosclerosis.


▪️ Twice a day, 10g each time, eat directly or soak in boiling water and then drink, eat the residue, use before meals.

Note: Do not use in the evening