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ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Toner 500ml

$49.00 $43.50

Packed with panthenol and allantoin in a deep sea water-enriched formula, this gentle and watery toner helps to exfoliate and refine skin texture, leaving it feeling dewy and supple without any sticky after feel.

Size: 500ml

- A triple award-winning toner that exfoliates as it hydrates skin with deep sea water derived from Ulleung island, which is located close to the Dokdo island.Benefits:
- Bestselling daily toner that helps exfoliate and moisturize skin for healthy, dewy skin with comforts.
- Deep sea water from Dokdo Island enriched with Minerals helps maintain optimal skin oil-water balance.

1. After cleansing, dispense a proper amount to cotton pad and gently wipe across facial area along the skin texture.
Or fully soak cotton pad with the toner and apply onto irritated area as a soothing pack.