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PETIT Cochon tone up Pre-shower whitening 300ml

$55.00 $49.00

* Size: 300ml


- TONE-UP & WRINKLE improvement functional cosmetics

- Bright and radiant skin texture

- Moisturizing and toning at once

- Provides instant brightening and constant moisturizing for healthy and smooth skin.

- Suitable for all skin types: oily, dry, combination

* How to Use 

- After taking a shower, take a proper amount of water and spread it gently along the skin texture.

Apply gently to the skin texture, wash it lightly with water, and wipe off the remaining water from the skin, creating a bright and bright skin texture with the immediate brightening effect of body cream.

Tone-up cream doesn't get smeared when you dress or sit in a chair after applying petticoat. You can feel moisturizing and toning effects at the same time after taking a shower.

The body care is excellent because it contains rice bran oil (anti-oxidant), coconut oil (immune care), and Madonna lily extract (skin purification).