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OHUI Optimum Hydration - Miracle Moisture Special Set (Restoring Transparency Smooth-intense)

$171.00 $169.00

O HUI Miracle Moisture line contains chiffon ceramide yo reinforce the ceramides in the skin. This importany function maintains the water permeability barrier of the skin. As a result, the skin is protected against moisture loss to keep it supple and firm.

- OHUI Miracle Moisture skin softener 150ml
- OHUI Miracle Moisture emulsion 140ml
- OHUI Miracle Moisture essence 25ml
- OHUI Miracle Moisture cream 25ml
- OHUI Miracle Moisture softener 20ml
- OHUI Miracle Moisture cleasing foam 40ml
- OHUI Miracle Moisture multi stick 7g
- OHUI Miracle Moisture skin pad special kit 1ea


- Miracle Moisture Skin Softener (Moist)
- Miracle Moisture Emulsion
- Miracle Moisture Cream
- Miracle Moisture Multi Stick


Miracle Moisture Skin Softener

A hypoallergenic skin softener with Chiffon Ceramide that restores the damaged moisture barrier of the skin. This skin softener contains moisturizing ingredients that quickly soothes sensitive skin and fades dead skin cells to make the skin feel soft and supple. 

How to use:

After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of the product and apply evenly all over the face. 

Miracle Moisture Emulsion

A hypoallergenic emulsion with Chiffon Ceramide, this sturdy moisture barrier protects the skin from external stress. It contains moisturizing ingredients that seal in moisture into the skin and maintain a water-absorbed, clear complexion. 

How to use:

After applying essence, take an appropriate amount of the product and spread evenly onto your skin. To vitalize the entire face, pat lightly until it is absorbed. 

Miracle Moisture Essence

A highly enriched essence with tens of thousands of patented ceramide capsules that quickly restore the damaged skin barrier. This concentrated formula helps skin dull from dryness to absorb moisture to soothe the skin so that it is fully moisturized and healthy. This essence helps the skin retrieve its clarity and glow to create a youthful look full of vitality. 

How to use:

Dispense 1-2 pumps and apply evenly all over the face. Lightly pat your skin with your hands until the product is absorbed. 

Miracle Moisture Cream

A moisturizing cream with Chiffon Ceramide that restores the damaged moisture barrier of the skin. The texture allows the cream to spread easily and quickly penetrate into the skin. It also fills the skin with moisture and nourishment to present clear, glowing and younger-looking skin.

How to use:

In the last step of skincare, take a pearl-size amount of the product using the spatula and gently apply in a rolling motion from the center of your face outward.