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Nuoc Mat Gan Giai Ruou (5 goi)

Total Price: $22.50

This product contains huvenia dulcis and taurine which are good for fatigue recovery. It is recommendable In particular, for husbands who are always tired. This product is made in portable pouch type for easy intake at anywhere.


[Effect of Hovenia dulcis]

The extract of the oriental raisin tree is highly effective in dissolving alcohol and facilitating the detoxification of the liver and intestines. It was also found through studies that in particular, it contributes to the inhibition of the remaining of aldehyde that is known to cause hangover. That is why it is certified as a health food based on its effects in improving the functions of the liver. In addition, it also improves the function of the digestive organs, helping people digest foods well and cure jaundice