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MISSHA 4D Mascara 7g

$11.00 $8.50

Mascara Missha is a very specially and delicately designed eyelash brush with even brush fibers to help women easily create thin, even and impressive eyelashes. In addition, the compact design combined with the main black color gives you luxury and extreme convenience when using and carrying the product.

Total Price: $8.50

SIZE: 7g

▪️ The brush head design has an evenly curved bow structure so you can easily create eyelashes that are 5 times thicker and twice as curled than other conventional products.
▪️ The product has the ability to thicken and lengthen eyelashes, creating deep and captivating eyes.
▪️ The ability to retain color for up to 9 hours helps your eyelashes always maintain their beauty.
▪️ Contributes to creating a radiant, beautiful face with eyes with curled eyelashes, natural but still making a strong impression.


Using Missha 4D Mascara is extremely simple:

▪️ Step 1: Use an eyelash curler to make it curlier and more beautiful when applying mascara.

▪️ Step 2: Shake the product well to dissolve the mascara evenly and avoid clumping.

▪️ Step 3: Take a small amount of mascara and brush your eyelashes from the bottom up (brush in a zigzag motion). Do this about 2-3 times as desired.