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LILYBYRED Luv Beam Cheek Balm 3.5g


Lilybyred is a Korean cosmetic brand, launched not long ago but the Lilybyred brand is very popular due to its good quality, cheap and friendly price. The products of the Lilybyred brand not only bring a feeling of youthfulness, full of vitality, keep up with trends and help women become more beautiful and are loved and trusted by consumers.


Total Price: $12.50

SIZE: 3.5g


- Blush with a creamy texture that is easy to spread, absorbs quickly, is soft and evenly colored

- Blush color is clear and durable, keeping color for a long time

- Blush brings natural beauty, shine, sweetness and radiance


Using a cheek brush or hand, spread the powder evenly on the cheekbones with a sufficient amount of powder.