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LG - Taejasam Jelly (Prince Jelly)

$60.10 $59.00

LG - Taejasam Jelly (Prince Jelly) contains 3 types of fermented red ginseng concentrates (R, G, D) manufactured by fermenting with a fermentation method developed by LG Household & Health Care to maximize the active ingredients of red ginseng and to be easily absorbed in the body.

Capacity: 15g x 30p (Total).


Recommended for these children:
- Children with severe unbalanced diet and poor nutritional intake.
- Children with a weak constitution.
- Children who suffer from colds due to weak immunity.
- Children who are tired of studying.
- Children who lack exercise.
- Children who do not like the bitter taste of red ginseng.


- Once a day, take 1 sachet (15g) after chewing well.