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KWANGDONG Woo Hwang Chung Sim Won(10 pack)

$115.00 $95.00

Woohwang Chungsimwon by KWANGDONG is a crucial herbal supplement featuring civet musk and a blend of 24 carefully chosen herbs, including Korean red ginseng, angelica root, and white peony root. This natural supplement is both safe and free from toxic substances, making it a popular choice in Korea and other East Asian countries. Each pack contains 10 pills, with each pill weighing 3.75g.

Ampelopsis Radix 30mg|Angelica Gigas Root 60mg|Apricot Kernel 50mg|Atractylodes Rhizome White 60mg|Borneolum 41mg|Bupleurum Root 50mg|Cat-tail 100mg|Cinnamon Bark 70mg|Civet 15mg|Cnidium Rhizome 50mg|Dioscorea Rhizome 282mg|Gazelle Horn 35mg|Ginger 30mg|Ginseng 97mg|Glue 70mg|Glycine Semen Germinatum 70mg|Licorice 202mg|Liriope Tuber 60mg|Massa Medicata Fermentata 100mg|Oriental Bezoar 14mg|Peony Root 60mg|Platycodon Root 50mg|Poria 50mg|Saposhnikovia Root 60mg|Scutellaria Root 60mg