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Korean 6 year Black Ginseng Extract Gold Geum Song 1 Bottle x 240g

$45.00 $34.99

Korean 6 Year Black Ginseng Extract Gold Geum Song 1 Bottle X 240g


Total Price: $34.99

Enhances immunity and resistance, helps the body recover. For beginners, high frequency has a blood-nourishing effect, helping blood circulate and nourish the whole body. Air conditioning, including low pressure and high pressure. Helps blood circulate well, preventing causes of cardiovascular diseases such as platelet binding or arteriosclerosis. Restores memory, helps with poor performance.

Very good treatment support for diabetics in lowering blood sugar while eliminating streptozotocin, one of the causes of this dangerous disease. Supports the treatment of lipid disorders and prevents cardiovascular diseases... Has skin beautifying and anti-aging effects in women. Increase vitality for both men and women.