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SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

$12.00 $6.50
Total Price: $6.50

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 30ml/100ml


▪️ Centella asiatica essence helps improve texture and nutrients to nourish smooth, healthy skin
▪️ Slows down the aging process, nourishes the skin from deep within
▪️ Brightens skin, shrinks pores, restores damaged skin
▪️ Immediately soothes redness, antibacterial, helps skin recover faster.
▪️ Effectively tightens pores on the skin surface
▪️ Improves skin pigmentation, reduces post-acne dark spots, brightens skin, prevents and fades new melasma pigments from forming.
▪️ Provides and maintains water and moisture for the skin, softens the skin, and protects the skin from environmental damage that causes skin damage.
▪️ Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin.


Put a few drops of serum just enough on the palm of your hand. Apply gently to relax the skin. Pat gently on the skin to help the serum absorb nutrients quickly.