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D'ALBA White Truffle Vital Spray 100ml

$61.00 $30.50
Total Price: $30.50

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

SIZE: 100ml


▪️ Ingredients contain Italian White Truffle extracted from Piedmont, Italy to help provide abundant minerals and nutrients to the skin. Unlike other mushrooms, White Truffle requires a special extraction process, which d'Alba is committed to ensuring safety, with the ability to brighten and even out skin tone.

▪️ 3 types of natural flower oils: Rosehip oil, Red rose oil, Geranium oil quickly soothe and restore damaged skin

▪️ Cherry Blossom extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and improves skin elasticity

▪️ The microscopic molecules contained in Vital Spray Serum will penetrate directly into the pores of the skin, helping the skin absorb the product immediately and leaving no residue like other sprays.


▪️ Shake well before use so that the two layers of nourishment blend into one

▪️ Spray directly onto skin to moisturize and lock in moisture

▪️ Spray before makeup or combine with makeup products to increase adhesion and color retention.