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HWANWOONG 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng premium Jelly 200g

$13.00 $11.90

This product manufactured to suit the modern’s taste with red ginseng essence as the main material which is extracted from Korean red ginseng, a special product of Korea, by scientific method and concentrated.

Total Price: $11.90

SIZE: 200g


This is a well-being nutrition snack for the entire family, including students suffering from study and stress, fathers who are always tired, and parents who want to stay healthy.

Red ginseng candy has a delightful sweet taste that can help you feel better physically and mentally. It is especially beneficial for those who are weak.

- Activate the Immune System

- Aid in Fatigue Recovery

- Encourage Blood Circulation

- Have Antioxidant Properties

- Boost Memory Performance

- Enhance Women's Health During Menopause