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GOONGBE Waterful Sun Lotion SPF50+

Total Price: $25.00

This 100% physical sun block is mild and gentle on skin without its allergen-free formula.

Plant-derived ingredient helps to shield skin from strong UV light.

Featured ingredients

Madecasocide shields and soothes skin irritated from UV light.

Blue lotus water keeps skin moisture and cool.


GOONGBE is a Korean infant skincare brand dedicated to providing different products to keep your baby’s skin balanced and healthy.

This lightweight Sunscreen works to protect your baby’s skin from harsh UV rays while still refreshing it with cooling moisture.

Naturally-derived sun-blocking ingredients effectively scatter and reflect both UVA and UVB rays.

Centella Asiatica Extract develops a protective veil on the surface to soothe and protect sun-damaged skin.

It has a Skin Moisturizing Factor that works to actively hydrate the skin while retaining the moisture for long-lasting suppleness.

The mild, refreshing formula makes the Sunscreen suitable for infants and young children.