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GOONGBE Pri-mmune Moisture Cream 180ml

$41.00 $34.00

GOONGBE MOISTURE CREAM, gentle and benign moisturizer is not only a great friend for baby's sensitive skin but also a great choice for parents who want to keep their baby's skin soft and fragrant. With a special formula that locks in 3 layers of moisture, the product helps the skin maintain moisture for up to 48 hours, and also won 3 awards from Hwahae in 2019 for smooth, benign moisture and long-lasting moisture locking ability.

SKIN TYPE: All skin types, all for adults and babies

SIZE: 180ml


▪️ Baby moisturizer strengthens the skin's protective barrier, providing the skin with a certain level of moisture that can last for 48 hours, nourishing and moisturizing.

▪️ Goongbe's 48-hour moisturizing ability helps effectively prevent dry, peeling, and cracked skin due to dry, cold weather.

▪️ The ingredients in Goongbe moisturizer are up to 96% benign herbs that are meticulously filtered at each stage so they are absolutely safe for all skin.

▪️ Goongbe baby moisturizer has the ability to protect your baby's skin from insect attacks, soothe bites, and help your baby feel comfortable and not itchy.

▪️ The cream has a light texture, not too thick, easy to apply, absorbs quickly into the skin and does not cause stickiness.

▪️ The scent is extremely gentle, fragrant and pleasant.

▪️ In particular, pregnant mothers who are afraid of using cosmetics that are irritating and unsafe for the fetus can always use this.


▪️ After bathing, dry your body and take a moderate amount of product
▪️ Gently apply the cream onto the skin and gently massage until it is absorbed evenly into the skin
▪️ Use several times a day on dry skin areas on the body

Macadamia, Rice, Ojitang, Ceramide NP, Water