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Dermagarden CELL LIFT S-PDRN THERAPY (Core Vital Cream & Core Vital Ampoule)

$62.00 $60.00


Dermagarden S-PDRN Core Vital Ampoule 2m x 10ea
Dermagarden S-PDRN Core Vital Cream 50g x 1ea

 Features of the Product:

- Core Vital Ampoule S-PDRN
1) The ampoule is safe and reduces the possibility of opening it.

2) It helps revive the skin and improve the texture of the skin by utilizing the inherent life force of salmon together with many active substances.

- Core Vital Cream S-PDRN
1) It helps repair damaged skin, leaving it firm and invigorated because of a number of active components and the inherent life force of salmon.