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DELLABORN Cherry Bubble Cleansing Pad 10 EA

$35.00 $25.00

Cherry Bubble Cleansing Pads by Della Born cleanse the face thoroughly thanks to small, rich bubbles. The pads cleanse the skin and remove make-up residues for a clear appearance and do not dry out the complexion. Added vitamins obtained from cherries and marine collagen ensure a good skin feel. What's more, the pads do not irritate sensitive skin types.

Total Price: $25.00

SKIN TYPE: All skin types 

SIZE: 10ea


▪️ Cherry viatamin

Antocyanine ingredients boost immunity and inhibit waste growth

▪️ Marine Collagen

Improving skin elasticity density with low molecular collagen peptides.

▪️ White flower extract

Natural flower extract has the effect of restoring skin condition and toning up skin.

▪️ Bottle extract

Skin care with a combination of skin soothiong and regenerating effect and made casoside


▪️ Wash your hands before removing a pad from the package.

▪️ Insert your finger into the pad.

▪️ Rub gently over the face.

▪️ Rub gently several times when removing make-up.

▪️ Cleanse the neck and decollete if necessary.

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