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Dailism Eye Palette Nudie Coral


Heimish's Dailism Eyeshadow Palette in Nudie Coral contains 8 richly pigmented colours in the shades of a shimmering coral reef at night. While there are enough beige undertones to make this your everyday palette, there's also some serious glitter and metallic vibrancy to dress it up for a night out. As Heimish says, this palette is designed to give you that "Vaseline Glow". Best of all, the colours pop on all skin tones.

Total Price: $35.00

Size: 80g


- Tones-down Daily Neutral Color: Daily usable neutral tone coral and beige color combination
- Vaseline Glow that glitters like a jewel because of its excellent adhesion wihthout flaking powder
- Multipurpose Eye Palette: Full makeup with one palette! Shading, under-eye highlightingm and eyeliner all at once!


- Gently spread around your eyes with a finger or brush.
Tip ) Using your finger when applying the high glitter pearl content will further enhance the color, three-dimensional glitter, and adhesion.