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Buleebang Korean Ginseng Tea

$27.00 $25.00

Buleebang Korean Ginseng Tea is extracted and dried from 6-year-old ginseng bulbs on a modern, closed line. Red Ginseng Tea contains soluble red ginseng extract that combines Vitamin C and Glucose sugar. Products to help restore the body, reduce stress, fatigue, drowsiness...

Size: 300g

- Contains herbal medicines that have - Increases the body's resistance and immunity, reduces fatigue from muscles and nerves
- Prevent blood clots, reduce the risk of complications, cerebral infarction
- Improve memory, reduce stress, help eat well, sleep well, ruddy skin
- Anti-aging in the liver, regulate body hormones
- Prevent blood fat, diabetes, have the ability to inhibit cancer cells...

- Drink 2-3 times / day each time 1 pack mixed with warm water, you can add honey or sugar
- Pregnant, lactating women, young children, people with stomach bleeding should not use
- Use after meals 15 to 20 minutes, can be used when needed awake or reduced fatigue.
- Suitable for people with low blood pressure, when using regularly will feel better sleep
- People with diabetes or blood pressure should not use medicine, should use 20-30 minutes after eating at noon, do not use when hungry.
Note: The product is not a medicine and cannot replace medicine