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Better Than Palette 09.DREAMY LILAC GARDEN


Better Than Palette 09.DREAMY LILAC GARDEN is a cool toned palette from their brand new SS22 Milk Grocery makeup collection - featuring a stunning lavender crystal shade and a variety of milky coffee tones for the perfect daily look.

Total Price: $35.00

Size: 7.5


- Eye shadow palette from romand's Milk Grocery Edition with soft lilac mauve tone.
- Consists of 10 stunning matte and glitter shades to create a variety of looks.
- Palette color range includes shades in five levels of brightness intensity to allow color layering for a well-defined eye contouring look.
- Super-fine glitter particles apply smoothly onto the eyelids without fallout.


- Apply and blend the eye shadow using your fingertips.
- Use a brush to draw an eyeliner or blend the shadows on the outer corners of eyes.
- Pat on the glitter shades on the lids using your fingertips.