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ANGEL'S LIQUID Glutathione Oneday Collagen 600mg x 72


Keep skin looking bringt and young as it will create elasticity for an anti-ageing affect.

Size: 600mg x 72 tablets



- Glutathione Ever Collagen Whitening Pill helps skin naturally smooth, whole body, lifting 2-3 tones after 1 course

- Inhibits the formation and development of melamine, melasma freckles, helps skin healthy, radiant 

- Blur dark spots, brown spots, restore sunburned skin

- Increase elasticity, firm the skin, reduce sagging, aging

- Treatment of melasma, freckles safely from deep inside

- Glutathione Ever Collagen whitening oral tablet reduces wrinkles folds, rejuvenates the skin 

- Anti-oxidant protects skin from harmful free radicals 

- Maintain smooth, youthful pink and white skin



Take 2 capsules in the evening before going to bed.