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VALENTINE 87 Hair Removal Cream 100g

$22.00 $12.00
Total Price: $12.00

SKIN TYPE: Sensitive skin 

SIZE: 100g


▪️ For girls who don't feel confident when they have a lot of hair.
▪️ Hair removal cream is fast, easy to use and painless.
▪️ For those who want to remove hair from their arms, legs, armpits, bikini,...


▪️ Before use, wash the skin area to be bleached and dry it.

▪️ Then apply a sufficient amount on the skin area that needs to be bleached.

▪️ Don't rub, massage lightly, just wait 5-10 minutes, check by gently touching the hair, see if it's soft and mushy, then rinse with water and the hair will all go away.

87 Valentine Valen Hair Removel Cream - acts close to the roots even on short hair. Contains Asian centella extract and glycyrrhizic acid, moisturizes the skin while removing hair.