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GEMSHO Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing 3ml

$42.00 $38.00
Total Price: $38.00

SIZE: 3ml


▪️ Provides nutrients, biotin, and vitamin E to help restore and nourish eyebrows and eyelashes.

▪️ Helps your eyelashes long, black, and attractive

▪️ Stimulates eyelashes to grow thicker

▪️ Nourish strong eyelashes and eyebrows, prevent breakage

▪️ Improves the condition of thin, weak eyelashes and eyebrows (*)

▪️ Using Gemsho Eyelash Serum helps your eyes look deeper, more attractive, and easier to apply mascara. Besides, limit fake eyelash extensions, tattoos, etc.


▪️ You should use it twice a day for best results.

▪️ First, clean your eyelids and eyebrows with cotton and makeup remover

▪️ Open the cap, apply 2-3 times on eyelashes and eyebrows.

▪️ Repeat every day and persevere until this serum runs out and you will be satisfied with the results.